Guiding Principles



The commitment — to make movement a positive, lasting, healthy ritual in your life:

In order to make exercise a ritual in your life, you must commit to it. If you are not consistent, if you don't repeat it over a consistent period of time, then you won't develop a habit. And remember, a ritual does not succumb to destructive self-talk. A ritual happens.

Positive, healthy rituals create a space where mindless chatter softens. This space is where the spark of your power ignites. This is where it will grow and strengthen. 

So here's what we'll do:

>>> Exercise, move your body, every day for 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days.

>>> The exercise method, how you move your body, is up to you. Yoga, running, cardio, kick-boxing, cycling, aerobics, hoola-hoop, swimming and/or dancing...the possibilities are truly limitless! Suggestions will be shared by your guides via our free Facebook group, but the most important thing is to please enjoy yourself, and to move your body in a way that is nourishing and intuitive for you. We've also included a 45-minute Gentle Yoga Flow in our 30-for-30 Body Reset kit. You can read more about it here.

>>> Invite your friends! One of the most important and awesome ingredients that will help you to achieve this goal is a fun, fantastic, nurturing and incredible support group from people all around the world. Numerous doctors, therapists and studies share that you are more likely to stay motivated if you are held by the enthusiasm and motivation of those around you. So join us — the energy will be contagious! 

>>> The time of day is up to you. First thing in the AM before your ‘to-do list’ kicks in or you have to go to work is always optimal, or get into it right after work. And if you don't have the time, make time.

>>> Become witness to the positive changes that will undergo your body, mood, digestion, energy levels, choices and overall outlook on life just from moving your body in a way that is mindful and patient.

>>> Try not to over think, remind yourself to relax every chance you get, trust in the wisdom of your body and learn to nourish every part of you by following the creative, authentic and healing call of your intuition.

>>> Invite the possibility of experiencing the absolute ecstasy of using your body no matter your size, shape, history or time on earth. Allow yourself to feel the outstanding expression of your whole body when effort is being requested of it. Remember to be in the body you are right now not the day before or ten years ago.

>>> When in doubt or  in need of a little encouragement, try an advanced practice: inhale fully and exhale deeply. On top of that, try lifting the corners of your mouth. Like breathing, a sense of humor is a vital must. And never forget to seek the solace of your pack at any time.

>>> Allow yourself to be challenged. If you are never challenged, how will you grow? And if you are never challenged, how will you know? Know what? Your potential, your strength, your will and you insane beauty that comes from establishing a deep and intimate connection with your body.

We all know that we are living in a time of great stress and anxiety. And on top of all that we need to run a daily life (work, kids, etc). There is also a desperation to be superficially perfect, but more in the eyes of others, than to ourselves. This creates tension encourages acts of mindless consumerism, impatience, sometimes even jealousy or anger, but most of all, it  produces an inability to see the extraordinary wonders of who and what we really are. 

If you are up for it, invoke this journey from a place of vulnerability, wonder and forgiveness. Together, let's invite the possibility of seeing our own reflection with the most intimate compassion possible.

Remember, the moment you decided to change, you already have.