Let's dare to live so deeply that we can no longer tell where the earth ends and heaven begins.


Tanya is the Co-Founder & Chief Editor of Rebelle Society, Co-Founder of Rebelle Wellness, Creator of Waking Wild {you are here}, YogaWriteNow.org &  Thug Unicorn. She is also the co-author and co-creator of The 30-Day Wellness Alchemist Detox guidebook and 30-Day Program.

She believes there is no greater classroom than life in this body, and that life is a discovery of individual nourishment, healing, self-acceptance and the most authentic creative expression of the self. She also believes in the power of a community intimately connected to and with all life forms.

Tanya has studied with master teachers from around the world. She has set her foundation, pushed inner boundaries and has achieved a yoga teacher certification from Paul Dallaghan. She has explored and has been deeply inspired by a somatic, intimate practice from Godfrey Devereux. She has discovered her authentic voice and has developed and refined her teaching skills with Chris Chavez. She has sat in circle, expanding her tools, insight and mind for potent inner healing work with the deeply connected and immensely beloved, Shamanic teacher, Jonathan Horwitz. She has and continues to study with the enchanting, urban priestess, Sianna Sherman. And in 2013 she ignited on a journey of freedom and well-being with Anja Bergh, Leila Sadeghee and Heather Umlah. In 2015, she will undergo a 100-hour hoop training with Shakti Sunfire and take a 7-day Urban Priestess pilgrimage with Sianna Sherman.

She's insanely playful, creative and an igniter of your internal, creative and authentic flame. 

To Your Wild Health & Creative Well-Being!

Luminous Co-Host: 


Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

When Jessica brings it, she brings it. Her virtual persona is currently in orbit as she is re-creating her digital presence after having a baby and spending the last year warming up to her new rest-of-her-life-role as a mama. Yoga is her weapon of choice when it comes to keeping fit and running is her arch-enemy (but will lace up her shoes for the challenge and video about it!). She is a yoga teacher, writer and will most definitely eat way too many cookies over the holiday. January 1st cannot get here quick enough! Let's do this!