Exhale & Scroll At Your Leisure



Welcome, Dear Wild One!

I'm honored that you are here. 

2015 is going to be your time to be productive and prolific! As the light returns, your energy and vitality are awakening — you're coming to the end of 2014's hardships and travails, and something deep within you is stirring, longing.

You're ready to not only face and discover the healing power of your darkness, but you're also aching to unleash the authentic beauty, power and creative force of your body.

It is time to explore the sacred space that is held within each and every one of us, a space where our unknown patiently and quietly awaits. A space where new growth, healing and a confident and authentic expression can manifest and happen in your life. 

How do we begin this epic journey? We start by inviting every cell of our being to stir, awaken and move.

Whatever havoc you've accumulated up until this year, we'll leave it, transform it and use it. 

This is your time and there is much to be done. The time to take giant risks for the evolution of the self is now.

As John O'Donohue said: In the world of soul, I have seldom seen anyone take a risk for growth that was not rewarded a thousand times over, for to trust experience is to grow, to learn, to develop.

So come and run playfully and wildly with your pack. Experience the phenomenal energy of running and moving within a dynamic and supportive group while learning heaps and bounds about your own potential. Allow yourself to be elevated and transformed beyond what you ever thought possible!

This 30-for-30 experience is not about moving your body mindlessly or begrudgingly for 30 days. It’s answering the call to awaken the wild that slumbers within the marrow of your bones. It’s creating the low rumble of thunder, the flash of lightning and the tempo of the most epic storm. In other words, it’s about getting into the best shape of your life, holistically and naturally.

This reset is an invitation for you to use your body for what it was born to do: move.

For 30 days we'll engage in a practice of nature — a dance with spirit, a revealing of fierce creativity and an acknowledgement of power.  we’ll unite the forces of our mind, body and spirit with a commitment to experience the body as ecstatic energy versus a depleted burden.

Let us conjure a perspiration that sets our soul alight…

While in conscious motion we connect deeply with our core and the sensation and wisdom of the body. Exercise with the intention to move intuitively is a ritual of beauty, healing and grace. It is a summoning from the elements — water, fire, air and earth, to play, feel intimately, express freely and to be wild.

Exercise ignites alchemy. In other words, it invites transformation. We take in air to replenish, to release, to moderate temperature and to fuel. We create fire in order to burn through, break-up, and to clean and clear what no long serves us emotionally, physically and spiritually. And then we perspire in order to release it from our bodies, through our skin — a meeting space where external matter begins and we end.

This entire alchemical process creates our inner space and thus becomes a sacred offering to our outer space, and to the earth and to all its life forms.

Exercise with the objective to deeply connect versus to lose unnecessary pounds or to become a shape that is not our own, helps to create a peace within, confidence and stability. It also invites us to return to our natural shape — a shape that is authentic, beautiful, achievable and deeply connected to the source of our being.

This beauty is timeless, and it is grace. This beauty is spirit.

Wild One, it is time to renew the power of your will!

Moving your body is way more than what you ever thought it was. It's not just about exercise, it's about connecting to the source. It's about authenticity, power, creativity, love and beauty. It's about all those places where there are no need for words.

We are all vulnerable creations in progress — and there is much more to be revealed as you invoke the wisdom of your vessel. 

To Your Wild Health & Creative Well-Being,


Guiding Principles



The commitment — to make movement a positive, lasting, healthy ritual in your life:

In order to make exercise a ritual in your life, you must commit to it. If you are not consistent, if you don't repeat it over a consistent period of time, then you won't develop a habit. And remember, a ritual does not succumb to destructive self-talk. A ritual happens.

Positive, healthy rituals create a space where mindless chatter softens. This space is where the spark of your power ignites. This is where it will grow and strengthen. 

So here's what we'll do:

>>> Exercise, move your body, every day for 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days.

>>> The exercise method, how you move your body, is up to you. Yoga, running, cardio, kick-boxing, cycling, aerobics, hoola-hoop, swimming and/or dancing...the possibilities are truly limitless! Suggestions will be shared by your guides via our free Facebook group, but the most important thing is to please enjoy yourself, and to move your body in a way that is nourishing and intuitive for you. We've also included a 45-minute Gentle Yoga Flow in our 30-for-30 Body Reset kit. You can read more about it here.

>>> Invite your friends! One of the most important and awesome ingredients that will help you to achieve this goal is a fun, fantastic, nurturing and incredible support group from people all around the world. Numerous doctors, therapists and studies share that you are more likely to stay motivated if you are held by the enthusiasm and motivation of those around you. So join us — the energy will be contagious! 

>>> The time of day is up to you. First thing in the AM before your ‘to-do list’ kicks in or you have to go to work is always optimal, or get into it right after work. And if you don't have the time, make time.

>>> Become witness to the positive changes that will undergo your body, mood, digestion, energy levels, choices and overall outlook on life just from moving your body in a way that is mindful and patient.

>>> Try not to over think, remind yourself to relax every chance you get, trust in the wisdom of your body and learn to nourish every part of you by following the creative, authentic and healing call of your intuition.

>>> Invite the possibility of experiencing the absolute ecstasy of using your body no matter your size, shape, history or time on earth. Allow yourself to feel the outstanding expression of your whole body when effort is being requested of it. Remember to be in the body you are right now not the day before or ten years ago.

>>> When in doubt or  in need of a little encouragement, try an advanced practice: inhale fully and exhale deeply. On top of that, try lifting the corners of your mouth. Like breathing, a sense of humor is a vital must. And never forget to seek the solace of your pack at any time.

>>> Allow yourself to be challenged. If you are never challenged, how will you grow? And if you are never challenged, how will you know? Know what? Your potential, your strength, your will and you insane beauty that comes from establishing a deep and intimate connection with your body.

We all know that we are living in a time of great stress and anxiety. And on top of all that we need to run a daily life (work, kids, etc). There is also a desperation to be superficially perfect, but more in the eyes of others, than to ourselves. This creates tension encourages acts of mindless consumerism, impatience, sometimes even jealousy or anger, but most of all, it  produces an inability to see the extraordinary wonders of who and what we really are. 

If you are up for it, invoke this journey from a place of vulnerability, wonder and forgiveness. Together, let's invite the possibility of seeing our own reflection with the most intimate compassion possible.

Remember, the moment you decided to change, you already have.

Questions You Might Have



Why exercise? 

>>> Because exercise acknowledges and cleans our inner space. It invites a connection of mind, body and spirit. And it sheds light into our mysterious darkness. This powerful exploration encourages us to seek out the gifts of all the accumulated trauma, pain, tension and negativity we hold deep inside our bodies. Exercise is after all, alchemy and if we are mindful of it, we can experience a phenomenal transformation, wisdom, healing, self-love and beauty beyond what we ever thought possible. 

Why 30 minutes? 

>>> Simply put, it’s feasible and it’s effective. 30 minutes of mindful exercise will do way more than 90 minutes of unconscious movement. 

Is this for me? 

>>> Absolutely, positively YES.

What if I’m out of shape? 

>>> Perfect.

How can I use the free Facebook group

>>> As a support group to track your progress during the 30-for-30 day challenge, as well as to share inspiration and motivation with everyone participating!

What am I supposed to share in the free Facebook group

>>> Anything you feel comfortable with.

8 Signs You're Ready To Run Wild



Are you feeling any of the following? 

>>> You want to find your tribe, pack, community -- if so, then start here, you'll be surprised at how fast others find you. When you are on a journey toward self-discovery and healing, you become a lantern for the rest of the world. This illumination allows you to shed consciousness on what most of us refuse to acknowledge — the ultimate calling — to simply be our authentic self.

>>> You want to be supported but also offer support, your own personal experience, talent and voice. An intuitive force within you is encouraging you to allow yourself to be reflected in those around you, but to also be a reflection. You have a strong desire to be vulnerable, yet strong and recognize your potential to grow, change and thrive in every way. You also see this in others.

 >>> You want to offer the world something, a part of you, but you're feeling confused even a little hopeless about the state of your community, society, the world and aren't sure how or if you can make a difference. You know there is a way, but can't articulate or action it.

 >>> You feel that seeds of wisdom have been planted within you, but you are unsure how to nurture and grow these seeds.

>>> You're coming to terms with the sincere acknowledgment that everything you put into your body is echoed in the the quality of your participation in life — relationships, friendships, creativity and ultimately, your expression.

>>> You want to answer the calling to express yourself without inhibitions. You want to find confidence in who and what you are without concern about what others will say or think.

>>> You feel it's time to let go of anything in your life that is stagnant. It's time to let go of drama and allow as much peace and joy into your life as you possibly can. 

>>> Your ready to take responsibility for your struggle.

We are of this earth and becoming more in tune and harmonious with it, instead of harboring and hiding our greatness, can only mean less stress, heightened mindfulness and compassion, more creative inspiration and a motivation to continue to seek an intimate connection with the magic of the loving self.

If there is anything you can do to drastically improve the quality of your own life and to positively contribute to all life on this planet, it is to get to know yourself intimately and to take care of yourself in the very best and intuitive way that you know how. And you start with the most important,  most precious instrument you have, your body.

Come and heal, grow, inspire and transform — come and run with your pack.