"Through this course, I was able to face things hidden inside me, and my own innate strength came dancing to the forefront of my existence." 



"I didn't expect this course to be what it was. I was thinking it'd be just another lame attempt at understanding myself and loving myself better. Wrong! It was epic, really and truly! I've never written as much and as consistently, never been so content with myself and my life, and never felt more excited and motivated about what's to come. Thank you!" 

Alyza Moor


"I absolutely would recommend this course to others! both Tanya and Jessica have gifts they share with us that makes this process safe. Much love and blessings to both of them, and to all in my group. I will be signing up for Spring 2016. Bright (and dark) blessings." 

Michelle Skowronski


"Through this courage, I realized my ability to extend my wings and rise from the ashes into the wildly sensitive, creative, intuitive and compassionate, shining being I am. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!" 

Amber Heynatz


"These 30 days revealed my inner confidence. It helped me to realize taht putting myself first is not selfish. It is healthy. I am proud of who I am, and all that I have been through. Every ache and pain has helped mold me into the person that I have become, and its nothing to be ashamed of. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who doubts themselves or questions their place in the world. We are all worthy of knowing just how awesome we are." 

Melissa Tris


"I honestly just joined the program for the writing prompts. I was never a journaler, and thought this would give me a boost into knowing myself better, and clearing my head. I never expected that I would change so much in with this program. Additionally, the online community was eye-opening. Seeing how kind and open so many people are inspired me to be the same. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is ready to dive a little deeper and shine some light on their darkness." 

Molly Bredensteiner


"I found peace from my anger and that's huge. I feel I am a peaceful warrior now. This course brought me back into balance. I already have posted about your next one on my fb feed. When I saw this one originally, I messaged some friends I knew would be open to it. This time I let everyone in on your yummy secret." 

Stephanie Juarez


"I had several epiphanies. I would definitely recommend this course. Just sharing and knowing I wasn't alone was worth it." 

Dee Romesburg


"I fell in love with my dark side during this practice and have created within myself an ally on this path. I welcome all to walk with me to discover our light and our darkness together as individuals. I look forward to it." 

Jessi Orm


"I feel like this was something I have been fiending for in life. I felt like someone was finally listening to me without judgement and I felt comfortable opening myself up to others and most importantly seeking my inner truth and experimenting with it. I would most definitely recommend this course to ANYONE! I think the questions it asks and the exercises are very important for everyone and these questions are something I think everyone should question themselves on in their lives- it is almost like a inner healing/opening crossed with an online/inside counselor. Thank you so much for this course, it has been nothing but inspiring and has given me some very important questions to think about as well as digging out the crappy fearful questions deep within which I have/am enjoyed exploring! Thank you to both of you, I think you are AMAZING and beautiful people with beautiful souls!" 

Neelam Gosa

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