Questions You Might Have



Why exercise? 

>>> Because exercise acknowledges and cleans our inner space. It invites a connection of mind, body and spirit. And it sheds light into our mysterious darkness. This powerful exploration encourages us to seek out the gifts of all the accumulated trauma, pain, tension and negativity we hold deep inside our bodies. Exercise is after all, alchemy and if we are mindful of it, we can experience a phenomenal transformation, wisdom, healing, self-love and beauty beyond what we ever thought possible. 

Why 30 minutes? 

>>> Simply put, it’s feasible and it’s effective. 30 minutes of mindful exercise will do way more than 90 minutes of unconscious movement. 

Is this for me? 

>>> Absolutely, positively YES.

What if I’m out of shape? 

>>> Perfect.

How can I use the free Facebook group

>>> As a support group to track your progress during the 30-for-30 day challenge, as well as to share inspiration and motivation with everyone participating!

What am I supposed to share in the free Facebook group

>>> Anything you feel comfortable with.