8 Signs You're Ready To Run Wild



Are you feeling any of the following? 

>>> You want to find your tribe, pack, community -- if so, then start here, you'll be surprised at how fast others find you. When you are on a journey toward self-discovery and healing, you become a lantern for the rest of the world. This illumination allows you to shed consciousness on what most of us refuse to acknowledge — the ultimate calling — to simply be our authentic self.

>>> You want to be supported but also offer support, your own personal experience, talent and voice. An intuitive force within you is encouraging you to allow yourself to be reflected in those around you, but to also be a reflection. You have a strong desire to be vulnerable, yet strong and recognize your potential to grow, change and thrive in every way. You also see this in others.

 >>> You want to offer the world something, a part of you, but you're feeling confused even a little hopeless about the state of your community, society, the world and aren't sure how or if you can make a difference. You know there is a way, but can't articulate or action it.

 >>> You feel that seeds of wisdom have been planted within you, but you are unsure how to nurture and grow these seeds.

>>> You're coming to terms with the sincere acknowledgment that everything you put into your body is echoed in the the quality of your participation in life — relationships, friendships, creativity and ultimately, your expression.

>>> You want to answer the calling to express yourself without inhibitions. You want to find confidence in who and what you are without concern about what others will say or think.

>>> You feel it's time to let go of anything in your life that is stagnant. It's time to let go of drama and allow as much peace and joy into your life as you possibly can. 

>>> Your ready to take responsibility for your struggle.

We are of this earth and becoming more in tune and harmonious with it, instead of harboring and hiding our greatness, can only mean less stress, heightened mindfulness and compassion, more creative inspiration and a motivation to continue to seek an intimate connection with the magic of the loving self.

If there is anything you can do to drastically improve the quality of your own life and to positively contribute to all life on this planet, it is to get to know yourself intimately and to take care of yourself in the very best and intuitive way that you know how. And you start with the most important,  most precious instrument you have, your body.

Come and heal, grow, inspire and transform — come and run with your pack.